In order to play Avi, Mpeg, DivX movies on Quicktime Player, you have to download a lot of codecs./ Voici les instructions pour lire vos Divx, ainsi que les films aux formats Mpeg et Avi.

First you'll need: Mac OS X, Quicktime 6.0 or later, Stuffit and Limewire.


1- Limewire: category: programs; platform: Mac OS X, name: quicktime, you'll get these results:

This package includes a lot of codes and M$ Media Player (you won't need to install that crap).

2- To play MPEG 2 content, you'll need to "buy" the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component from

3- You're done. Play you're MPEG, AVI movies: don't forget to free up the max of RAM:


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