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Comme vous l'avez remarqué, j'ai ajouté un petit badge dans le coin en bas à droite pour participer à la compagne "trop cool pour internet explorer"

DO YOU REMEMBER that wonderful news?

Microsoft to cease IE support for Apple's Mac Users who use Microsoft's IE to read web pages on Mac will soon have to consider another browser. Microsoft will not support IE operation on Mac any longer as of Dec. 31 this year.

That will not be a surprise to Mac users. Microsoft declared the move as early as June, 2003. No upgrading has been made on IE for three years. This means that IE5, instead of IE6 which is used by Windows users, is the latest version that is offered for the Mac system.

Although Mac subscribers can continue browsing with IE for a month after the support ceases, Microsoft has advised them to shift to ¡°more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari.

IE will not be a problem for Apple users because most of them have applied different browsers on their computers. The only potential trouble is that some web pages can only be accessed through IE.

That does not seem to matter a lot. But that is not the end of the problem. SciVisum, a UK-based company offering web testing service, said one-tenth of web sites in Britain cannot be browsed with Firefox, an open-source browser which is in vogue.

Firefox, Safari and other browsers like Opera are all operational under Apple's Mac OSX operating system.

And with this change, every mac on the internet will become even more secure than their Windows based counterparts. :))))

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