When I was young at the age of 16, I was dreaming of having a mac.
I remember my old IBM Aptiva that I was modding and modding until death ;)

Anyway, now there are some great "Emulation" communities and developpers (like Flyakite!)

Flyakite is a genius, he used to release packages that permits you to modify your whole system files to make your windows looks like Mac OS X: here is his website (it's the most beautiful website in the whole WWW) Flyakite's Unbelivable Site!!!
You will be able to download version 3 of his package: FlyakiteOSX (amazing!).

Then there are two communities that might be very very interesting!

The first one has been created by Alang: OSX-E (the link is Alang OSX-E), you'll find there a LOT of downloads, screenshots (mac, pc, pear-pc and png!) and some awesome wallpapers (i often take a look there to see if there are some new nice wallpapers, and guess what? there's always something great) + each month, there is a competition for the best desktop screenie so you'll see what you'll be able to do with your windoz....

And Second... THE community which Flyakite and Alang themselves are members!!!
Aqua Soft
The forum is alive!!! The website looks like Spotlight! It's beautiful!

Now you can turn your sad and ugly windoz graphic interface into a real Mac GUI.... untill... the day... you'll finally buy a MAC!

PS: i've installed FlyakiteOSX 3 on my Windows (Virtual PC) it's just wonderful! ;)
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