For those who access MSN throught iChat (see here), you might have noticed MSN emoticons donnot appears on your screen.

So here is a HUGE collection of MSN emoticons to install for iChat and then you'll be able to see your contacts emotions.

3 steps:

Step 1- go to my iDisk and download the iChat emoticon pack (iChat USP.smileypack)
Step 2- get from my iDisk ""
Step 3- open it will ask you for a smiley pack, just open iChat USP.smileypack

Et voilà!!!!

Thanks to Stepahne Dassieu (aka Suanko) for iChat USP.smiley
For any comment, suggestion, support… you can email him at this adress : hello(at)
His website: Stephane Dassieu

Thanks to SimX for
You can Donate here Emotimaker.

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