Annoying little thingy installed by Adobe when you install the CS 2 Suite.

Here's a way to remove it!

1- Delete "Adobe Updater" from /Applications/Utilities/

2- Remove all files except AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat from ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Updater

3- Modify AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat* to turn off updates for all Adobe products.

* Open it with text edit and replace the content with this code (copy and paste would be safer):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>






<MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="bridge1">0</MapPrefEntry>

<MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="helpcenter1">0</MapPrefEntry>

<MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="illustrator12-en_US-LIC">0</MapPrefEntry>

<MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="photoshop9-en_US-LIC">1</MapPrefEntry>

<MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="stockphotos1">0</MapPrefEntry>



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