B&W Keyboard, originally uploaded by frogsthatmoo.

Command (Apple key)-W Close Window

Option-Command (Apple key)-W Close all Windows

Command (Apple key)-Right Arrow Expand folder

Option-Command (Apple key)-Right Arrow Expand folder and nested subfolders

Command (Apple key)-Left Arrow Collapse Folder

Option-Command (Apple key)-Up Arrow Open parent folder and close current window

Command (Apple key) - Shift - Delete Empty Trash.

Command (Apple key) - Option - Shift - Delete Empty trash immediately with out warning dialog. Almost equivalent to force empty trash.

Option + drag file or folder icon Copy file or folder to a new location.

Command (Apple key) - Option + drag file or folder icon Make an Alias in a new location.

Command (Apple key) +drag file or folder icon Move to a new volume without copying.


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