If you ever forget your Administrator Password do not be alarmed. Just follow the following steps:

* Insert the Mac OS X CD or the Mac Software install and Restore CD that came with the computer .
* Restart computer while holding down the " C " key, which will start up that Mac from the CD and launches the OS X installer.
* When the installer screen appears, choose: Installer / Reset Password * The Reset Password screen will appear. You will then highlight Mac OS X by clicking on it.
* From the first pop-up menu, choose the name of your account and make up a new password. Be sure to type it in both boxes.
* Click Save, close window, click the install and restart.

In Creating a test Account . I give some of my recommendations on how to create a secure password . And through the miracle of cut and paste I duplicate it here for you the reader. Here is some recommendations in creating a password. Make the password where you will remember it. I live by the rule never use anything simple or related to you such as a pet name a daughter. make it at least 6 characters or better. the longer the word is the longer it takes for a hacker to break. Mix numbers , characters and letters together. i.e if you are to use a name of a family ( again I highly discourage doing this but if you must then encrypt it as in this example) such as Anthony you could right it as @n7h0ny. Also try to avoid ( even though I did it to make an example ) using 1's for I's, 2's for Z's, 0's for o's , $'s or & for s's etc.... in other words try to avoid like symbols that some one could figure out. Try to make the password something that is not in the dictionary like macamania or geekasaurus ( again I recommend that you use characters, letters and numbers ). Also if you are one of those forgetful types try writing it down and storing it somewhere secure and somewhere where you will not forget that you hid it.

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