There are all kinds of advice out there on how to maintain your computer. Even though Mac OS X has been considered one of the most stable and self-relying OS's out there. There are times when you need to run maintenance. For Example badly written applications could ruin your file structure or a crappy installer may discombobulate your permissions. These things will make your system run poorly or even crash. But you have to be careful not to over do maintenance. I go with the universal belief with OS X that you should only run maintenance's when needed. Too much tinkering or maintenance might damage your computer and then where would you be.

First of all lets review what kind of Maintenance that you have and what options that you have available.First let me say that all maintenance on OS X can be done in terminal. I will in this page show you how to run all of them just for fun in Terminal. Including how to Repairing Permissions. But for now let just start with the basic list of maintenance options.

Repair Disk - see my article for more on Disk Repair and how to implement repairs.
Run Maintenance Scripts - see my article for more on Maintenance Scripts
Repair Permission - see my article for more on Repairing Permissions.
And you could through in
Updating Prebinding
Just because it does optimize the system and improves overall performance.
This list sums up what should be done to ensure your system runs properly.
I am going to try to write this as simply as I can make it but informative so anyone from a person just getting use to OS X to someone who is fully knowledgeable can understand and fully use the information provided. That is I do not want to lose the meaning of the content I am writing just because I watered it down to a degree where it does not point out or educate the reader. I will be honest there is much more for me to learn myself even though I have gain an considerable knowledge on the workings of OS X. I found when I thought I knew everything about something, I always was surprised that I found that there was even more to learn about it. That's the fun parts of computers, you never stop learning. . But back to the subject.

I will also utilize some web pages I have written and other sites I have visited so the user can get a more complete picture of the what's, and why's of maintenance. I will provide links to these sites so the reader can further explore this subject further. This to me is a great deal when coming to understanding your computer.

One thing I have to stress before doing anything you should get into the habit of backing up data when performing any type of repair to your computer. Mostly because it is just common sense. But stuff happens and it is always best to be ready for it when it does.

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