It can be annoying when you know what document or file you want to print, but first you have to launch the file’s program, then you have to go to the print options, and then finally, you get to print it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to print documents without having to go through this process. Ok, it isn’t THAT big of a deal, but life on the computer is all about convenience. What if you could just click one button in order for your document to print. Well, if you have Mac OS X, you can do this, and it takes about 30 seconds to set up. Here is how to enable “Drag and Drop Desktop Printing” on Mac OS X…
1. Open up System Preferences and choose “Print and Fax”.

2. Select the printer you use and then click the “Printer Setup” button.

3. When the printer info comes up, press Command (Apple key) + L and the Printer List window will come up.

4. Highlight (click on) your printer in the Printer List that you brought up by hitting Command + L and then in the MenuBar (up top), click “Printers” and then click “Create Desktop Printer”.

5. A window will open asking you where you’d like to save it. The best place would be your Desktop, as this will make the tip the most handy.

6. To print a document, just drag and drop any file you’d like to print onto your new desktop printer icon.

Some files will print right away (PDF’s) but some might launch the program they use and then print. Either way, this really does come in handy.


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