Since the iMac G5, Apple integrates in the default configuration: Bluetooth. And It's amazing all you can do with that technology.

Fist you can Synchronize your Mobile Phone(s) with iSync with a simple click:

Second, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control thanks to Salling Clicker and remotely access/control almost all of the main applications as iTunes, iChat, Mail etc...

And finally you can also make calls and receive calls, send/receive SMS with softs like the very know and popular BluePhoneElite.
NB: with BluePhoneElite 2, you can also make calls through your Mac (your Mac will be used indeed as a bluetooth headset).

But with Bluetooth you can also set your Mac to "know" when you leave/enter a room, for example, when you leave the room in which your Mac is, iTunes will go on pause, iChat status to "away" and the screensaver starts (and of course set the Mac to go out of the screensaver, set your iChat status to available and resumes iTunes playback when you come back :) )
I personally do it with BluePhoneElite like in the screenshot:

But you can also do it manually and set your Mac to detect proximity without installing BluePhoneElite like in this Tutorial.

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