What Is It?

2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK Armani Edition

What's Special About It?

Mercedes-Benz worked with world-renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani to create this limited-edition CLK cabriolet that blends Teutonic precision with Italian style to create a one-of-a-kind drop top. The exterior paint is an exclusive shade of matte sand mixed with hints of green that's subtle in its uniqueness without looking gaudy. A custom color for the top was designed to complement the unusual paint while an AMG body kit adds new front and rear fascias and extended side sills. The interior is set off by a mixture of materials that includes rare "curio" saddle leather, high-tech sportswear fabrics and what Mercedes calls "aged" metal trim. It's a strange brew, but it all comes together in a way that looks as classy as one of Armani's suits. Only a 100 will be made for worldwide consumption with sales starting next spring.

What's Edmunds' Take?

Given that the lines of the CLK already appeal to those who value style above all else, this limited-edition model should have no trouble finding 100 willing buyers. The melding of fashion design and car design has been tried before (remember the Joseph Abboud Buick? Didn't think so), but in this case the golden touch of Armani was applied with enough taste that it doesn't threaten to sully either of the prestigious names involved. — Ed Hellwig


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