These charts are the result of more than 15,000 visits on H&M-Mac&Design.

First thing we can notice is about half the users are coming from the PC world (while the other half are Mac users).
Now let's take a look at the browser share:
* IE (6 and 7) represents 27% (they can only PC users or Mac users from Bootcamp or Parallels) -> about half PC users don't use IE
* Safari represents 33% (they can only be Mac users) -> about 17% of Mac users are on Firefox and/or Camino

So? 27+33= 60 which means that 40% of browser shares belong to Firefox & Mozilla (Camino users must be recognized as Firefox users). 40% of people who runs OS X, Linux and Windows have choosen Firefox.

Conclusion 1: 2 out of 3 Mac users prefer the default browser of their OS (Safari) while half the PC users don't like IE (which is understandable).

Conclusion 2: Firefox Rocks!

PS: I personally use both Camino and Safari.

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