You may know that when you drag & drop a picture or song on the Mail's icon on the dock it will easilly create a new email containing the file you moved:once you tried this,sending e-mails will be faster and really enjoyable!
I recently noticed that this feature,which is simple but powerful, also interests texts!

1)When you're on a webpage and some text seemed interesting to you,drag and drop it on the Textedit icon on the Dock:that replaces the copy&past command.

2)The feature i think will really be intresting:try to drag & drop a word (or a sentence) on the Safari icon on the Dock,just like this:
The text Trick

Guess what?Safari displays a window with a google research on the word you moved (wikipedia in our case)!
The result of dropping the text

I think this is a nice way to make very fast researches on the net.
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