PC and Macs are different. Some say PC's are better, some other knows that Mac is better ;)
But great softs remains great softs.
Here is a list for a good friend of mine (PC User) and for all the PC users of the best application to have for their Windows based computers (non M$ applications /most of them are available for Mac OS too).


* Internet Browser: Mozilla Firefox *. It's the safest way to browse the internet with no Spywares.
* Multi chat client (able to manage MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo at the same time with a unique contact list): Trillian
Internet Calls: Skype *
IRC Client: mIRC
* eMail Client: Mozilla Thunderbird *
* Gnutella P2P Network: Limewire *
* BitTorrents Client: Azureus *


* MP3 Player + Jukebox + iPod synchroniser + Music Store: iTunes *
* Any format video player (avi, divx, mov etc..): VLC *
* Photo Manager and viewer: Picasa
* CD/DVD Burner: Nero
Apple .mov and mp4 videos player: Quicktime Player (bundled with iTunes)


* Antivirus: Kaspersky
* Anti-Spyware: Ad-aware SE Personal
* Anti-Spam: NONE just a Google Mail ( address will do it (send me a mail requesting an invitation and I'll send you one)


* Free Office Applications (instead of M$ Office): Open Office *
* Free Widgets Manager: Yahoo! Widgets * (ex-Konfabulator)
* Free Image Editing Software: The Gimp *

* available for Mac & PC

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