She's a lovely girl, and I love that girl indeed.
She's a designer, and I love design.
She will take the blog to a new dimension.
Before Maria join the blog, it was only about Macintosh.
As the designer she is, a touch of "design" will be introduced to the blog.
First the design of the blog itself, from an aqua + white background and black text we'll move to an excentric pink, grey, black and white blog.
Second, the content.. From time to time, Maria will make us discover new things related to art and design. As the web designer she is, I'm sure she will surprise us with discoveries she makes on the www and will link us to the best designed websites.
And third.. It's the first team work I do with her and big honor for me.

PS: we owe the new name to her. The old blog's name was "Blog OS X" (very exciting huh? :p ) and now it is "Mac & Design".

NB: this blog is also Maria's so no need to welcome the owner of a house in his own mansion.


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