Album cover design has over 50 years of history and, despite several format changes (78 to LP to cassette to CD), many things have stayed the same. Cover design projects bring together two artists, the designer and the musician. They offer the opportunity to create a visual to represent a non-visual art.

Throughout the history of album design, there have been cover auteurs: those designers or illustrators whose creations have become as famous as the labels or musicians with whom they’ve worked. In the ’50s, there was Reid Miles with Blue Note, Burt Goldblatt with Savoy and Bethlehem, David Stone Martin with Norgan and Verve and William Claxton with Pacfic Jazz. In the ’60s and ’70s, art director Gary Burden and photographer Henry Diltz hung out with and designed for California rock greats like Joni Mitchell, CSN, Neil Young, The Eagles and The Doors. Also in the ’70s, were Roger Dean with Yes and Storm Thorgeson with Pink Floyd. In the ’80s and ’90s, there was Peter Saville’s covers for New Wave bands like Joy Division and New Order and Vaughn Oliver’s work for 4AD.
One of my favorites cd covers-->


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