You may know that there are some applications which make it very easy to use a complete set of icons automaticly:all you have to do is chose the set to use.
But there's a way to change quickly the icon of an application or a folder.
1) Chose the folder/application you want and pulse Command-i:
You got this ordinary window:
Folder to change
2) Then open the folder where the set of icons is and do the same with the icon to use
3) Now,in the "information" window of the icon,click on the little picture(the red one in the example) and Copy it:
The Copy action
4 )Finally On the "information" window of you folder,select the original appearance(the Green folder in our case) and paste the one you copied in step 3).
That's it.
InterfaceLift is a great site where you can get a lot of free icons sets and great wallpapers in multiple resolutions!
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