I just discovered yesterday an amazing application.
COVERSUTRA by SophieStication.
It's such a sleek and sophisticated application, I really had a crush. With Coversutra you can use to control iTunes in a very stylish way from anywhere by just using keyboard shortcuts, you can also display an instant player control just by hitting F7 from anywhere:

And MORE than that (Jihed.. get ready) it scrobbles songs to!!
You just have to configure it by entering your login and password once:

This small and super reliable application also integrate 3 other major features: Apple Remote Support (to control your iTunes without having to enter in FrontRow mode), Jewel Case (displays a cover art of the now playing song) and Information Bezel (alerts you each time the track changes).

CoverSutra (Version 1.1.3) Requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or higher and iTunes 7.0.2 or higher.
Once you try it, you won't resist to the temptation of getting a serial number for only 9,95€ with free updates until version 2!

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