Here is part 2 Of the Google site you probably don't know:

  1. Explore Google World from 2003."Work is hard and you need a break. A sun-soaked vacation is just the ticket, but where to begin? With Google there's a world of helpful, time-saving features right at your fingertips."
  2. How to build a better query - useful tips.
  3. Valentine's Day 2001
    A Java applet that shows a heart and writes "I love you" in more languages. That was before designing logos for holidays and special events.
  4. 20 years of Usenet - including first mentions of Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mac OSX and Google.
  5. Statistics about html elements' usage. An average web page uses 19 tags.
  6. In 2003 Google searched 3 billion documents. Now Google has more than 24 billion documents in the index. Also see why size isn't important.
  7. Google ranks #1 in NPD search & portal scorecard measuring loyalty and satisfaction (in 2000).
  8. Google Voice Search - search on Google by voice with a simple telephone call.
  9. Google Keyboard Shortcuts - navigate search results without using your mouse.
  10. Google Compute - put your computer to work advancing scientific knowledge when it's not helping you.
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