Here are the Google pages you certainly have never seen.

You probably know the first one:
  1. Google Mac (The search engine with only Mac related results)
  2. Google Moms (A tribute to Googlers' moms)
  3. Google Adsense For Domains (AdSense for domains allows domain name registrars to fill the otherwise blank pages with AdSense ads)
  4. Google Sets (Google Sets is the oldest Google product that never graduated Google Labs. Using Google Sets, you can create sets of items from a few examples)
  5. Google Dance 2004 & 2005
  6. Get Stock with Google (Google provides stock and mutual fund information since 2001)
  7. Google Doesn't Sell Search Results (Google talks about the integrity of its results and answers this tricky question: "In a world where everything seems to be for sale, why can't advertisers buy better position in our search results?")
  8. Google Wi-Fi (Google provides free WiFi in Mountain View through Google Secure Access, a client that makes the WiFi connection more secure)
  9. Google Newsletter (You knew Google has a blog, but you didn't know they have a newsletter called Google Friends. You can read the full archive)
  10. Chad's Journey to New Jersey (One bike. One Googler. One really long ride)
  11. Google Easter's Eggs (A Java game with an Easter bunny)

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