Ever since Macworld failed to deliver a single Mac announcement, people have looking to the spring release of the sixth major version of Mac OS X Leopard as the bright spot on Apple's horizon. But now that Apple has delayed its release until October, what does that mean for the next round of Macs?

"it's looking more and more like Apple is pushing the Mac to the back burner as it focuses more effort on its "toys," namely the iPod and iPhone".

A few days after spring arrived, DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based newspaper and Web site with a questionable track record regarding Apple predictions, sent ripples through the Mac community by declaring Leopard would be delayed until October "to allow Apple to make Leopard support Windows Vista through an integrated version of its Boot Camp software."

A few days later, Apple denied the report ... Read More

Michael Simon

Michael is a freelance writer and editor, and paginator for The Standard-Times in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is the author of Failed Attempt, written under the moniker of Morlium, which can be purchased through iTunes or as a full-color paperback.

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