Speedy Train
Originally uploaded by frogsthatmoo.
A very cool photo from Ian Higgins, known as Frogsthatmoo, he loves fast car like myself, but there's a slight difference between us: he is talented in photography while I'm not.
As the photography lover I am, I really advise you to visit his Flickr, he accorded me a small interview, here are the main lines:

"Basically my photos are all of me randomly being places and taking pictures as I go. Some come out great, while others never even make it past a second glance. Some of my pictures are simply random and unplanned but those are the best ones! My equipment consists of: Me, my Nikon D100, a 105 macro, a 17-35, an 80-200, and lastly a 15mm fisheye. By far my favorite lens is the 105 macro simply because it is pretty versatile. Although the 17-35 is my second favorite. Occasionally I get this urge to take pictures and I get more creative than anything."

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