Today, when I opened the super heavy Adobe Acrobat Pro 8, Adobe invited me to install a small "application" made in Adobe Flash called Adobe Digital Editions, it reminds me a lot of Adobe Lightroom but for .PDF documents.
It is fast and so smooth: It needs maybe 1 or 2 seconds to start. Impressive!
Animations are superb, especially when you change view. Searching for something in a pdf is super fast. As soon as you start it, it opens the document you were reading like a "resume" function.

You can get it from Adobe Labs website, it's a 2,5 MB file to download, the installer is very special because it's a Flash Window you see in your browser.
Adobe is really reinventing Flash...

Here is the link to Adobe Digital Editions:

Maybe is it the Adobe Reader killer... It really makes reading a pdf document sooo comfortable!

I fell in love with it!

PS: it is still a beta, and the icon is ugly (not 128x128). Adobe is releasing amazing products these days (Lr, CS3 etc...) but they really do have a problem when it comes to icons :p


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