I use this application everyday since a year maybe.
But no updates, I thought version 3.1 was the last one. But today, great news! I saw that version 3.5 was out!

So I opened the official Salling Clicker site and I was amazed by the new look of the site. A great flash menu was added which makes the website easier to browse than ever.
The update is free for 3.1 owners, it's a 6.6 mb file.

Salling Clicker is available for Mac & PC, and it is compatible with more than 300 mobile phones, it transforms your mobile phone to a remote contol, we already talked about it here on M&D.

First thing I have noticed: no need to update the Salling Clicker version installed on your phone (still didn't try it with my Symbian Nokia), the soft seems to be faster. A powerpoint script has been added, and there's a better Keynote script too.

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